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At Affordable Smiles Ebro FL.,  Dr. Gary Turnier believes that a beautiful smile is unique, it tells the world about you.  It fosters communication, vitality and goodwill.  A beautiful smile conveys happiness and a general well-being and indicates confidence, success and friendship.

A beautiful smile can improve your personal and professional relationships. Make a positive and memorable statement to those you meet with a bright, beautiful and spontaneous smile.

The revelation is simple but startling.  A beautiful smile throughout history has been a way to gain attention, maybe even more power.  If it is seductive power you are after or looking to improve your position in the competitive world of romance and business, the transformation can be startling.  Although a smile along with an inviting look can be seductive and enjoyable, they should never dominate your appearance.  The smile must look alluring and yet subtle.  It must not be too obvious and direct. A beautiful smile dazzles but must be harmonious with all the ornaments that draws attention.  Namely, the clothing, the hair, the eyes and by combining these qualities, the effect can be quite amazing.

The world has grown in a global network, we create meet-ups of all kinds.  Our nation is thirsty for the opportunity to come  together with people of all interests to express their smile and vitality. We join all sorts of social media organizations to express to the world that we are beautiful, vivacious, friendly, spontaneous, and appealing.

There is a unique artistic process that is applied when a person decides to improve the very essence of the smile.  The acceptance of this truth can only be found within us.  The artistic process blends mental discipline with the pursuit of obtaining quality.  It begins with observation and visualization.  Pursuing this skillful transformation of the smile from its present, imperfect state into an ideal state can only be seen  from the artists imagination.

There is a struggle to bring about all the disciplines(orthodontics, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry) at our fingertips to reach that artistic accomplishment.

The italian mathematician Fibonacci. showed us there is a characteristic set of numbers, known as the Fibonacci numbers, in that each one consists of the sum of the two numbers before it.  When we apply these numbers to the smile we come up with a reference called the “Golden Ratio”              

For example, the total width of the two front teeth in the upper jaw and their height gives a golden ratio. The width of the first tooth from the center to the second tooth also yields a golden ratio. These are the ideal proportions that an artist may consider. Some other golden ratios in the human face are:

The Golden Ratio in the Human Face
Length of face / width of face,
Distance between the lips and where the eyebrows meet / length of nose,
Length of face / distance between tip of jaw and where the eyebrows meet,
Length of mouth / width of nose,
Width of nose / distance between nostrils,
Distance between pupils / distance between eyebrows.

When we explore further the factors that influence the aesthetics of a smile. We find the following:

. What are the factors that influence aesthetics,what is  the creative process of the smile?

  • Tooth Color
  • Tooth Size and Shape
  • Tooth Position
  • Gum Tissue Shape
  • Jaw Position

For enhancing aesthetics and obtaining a  Beautiful Smile you have a variety of choices. Namely,

  • Bleaching-Can be treated in office or take home.  Be mindful of using hard bristle toothbrush to continuously brush with abrasive toothpaste.
    • Why not? Because they’ll yellow your teeth eventually. They contain abrasive ingredients like baking soda, which scrape off a little bit of tooth enamel by way of “whitening” your teeth. At first, you might think your teeth look a little whiter. But over the months and years, as enamel is gradually removed, the layer below the enamel will show more and more. That layer is the dentin, which is yellow.There’s a health issue here too. The less enamel you have over each tooth, the less protection you have from tooth decay and toothache. That sturdy enamel needs to be retained, rather than slowly removed.So look for a toothpaste that does not have the word “whitening”on the box or label.How can tooth enamel be effectively whitened?
    • Teeth whiten only while they are in contact with a whitening agent. So even putting aside the issue of abrasive ingredients, toothpaste can never be effective in whitening teeth unless you spend about 45 minutes each day brushing.Instead, you could wear a customized tray for those 45 minutes, which contains professional strength whitening gel. Then you would see very noticeable results within days or a week or two, depending on how discolored your teeth are to begin with.
      • 1. Take-home whitening kits
      • Take Home Bleaching Kit With Custom Made Tray provided By Dr.Turnier
      • SmileByDesignNY.com custom Bleaching trays especially made for each patient.
      • Dr. Turnier gives his patients a take-home tooth whitening kit for just a modest cost. He would first have two trays made for you, from molds he would take of your upper and lower teeth. These trays will fit evenly and closely around your individual teeth. Therefore the whitening gel in your kit will be in even and close contact with your teeth, giving a smooth, bright result.  The custom trays that we provide have several benefits, the carbomide peroxide gel stays within the confine of the tray as opposed to all in your mouth
      • .What’s in the kit?
      • Besides your two custom-made trays in a little container, there will be:
        · Several syringes of whitening gel. You and your cosmetic dentist can first discuss how strong the gel should be. If your teeth are particularly sensitive, you can choose a moderate-strength gel, or an even weaker one. If you have more sturdy teeth, the strongest gel would be appropriate. The syringes have marks showing how much gel to use each time.
        · A shade strip with places for you to mark the shade of your teeth when you begin and when you finish. Just hold it up next to your teeth to compare them to the shade choices on the strip.
        · A syringe of de-sensitizing gel in case your teeth do get a bit sensitive. You can stop using the whitening gel, and use this de-sensitizing gel in the trays for a day or two.
        · Instructions on how to use the kit.Wear the trays for about 45 minutes each day and you’ll be astonished at the results.
      • 2. In-Office Teeth Whitening
      • The In Office Teeth whitening treatment has a more powerful concentration of Carbomide Peroxide and requires 1 hour of treatment. Due to its powerful concentration, the gums must be isolated to prevent them from being whitened as well.If you’d like to get the job done quickly and not bother about wearing trays for a week or two, tooth whitening treatment is the answer. In one visit of about 92 minutes, it can all be completed. The treatment itself takes an hour, and there’s a little time for preparation and a check-up afterwards.After you’re relaxed in our comfortable reception area, Dr.Turnier would first paint a protective gel on the gums and lips (or use a rubber guard). Then the whitening gel is applied to the teeth and a special light directed on it for 20 minutes. This is done twice more. If your teeth become too sensitive during this treatment, it will be stopped and a desensitizing agent applied.At the end of that hour, you have a bright new smile. To follow up, your Dr. Turnier will give you a take-home kit with more whitening gel and two trays. You can use this to brighten your teeth even further, or for later touch-ups.The secret to successful teeth whitening is to use a professional-strength gel with the correct concentration, and trays that are custom fitted for your mouth. The quickest way to a brighter smile is an in-office treatment, usually this particular type of treatment will take approximately one hour. The at-home method works as well but just takes a little longer. If you also have minor defects in your front teeth, like chips, slight crowded dentitition, mis-matched size, or a diastema(gap) between them, porcelain veneers are a very popular way to both correct those defects.
      • Veneers-provide the front teeth a makeover that can cover unsightly stains alongwith permanently whitening the teeth.
      • Full Mouth Restoration-is a comprehensive treatment that will definitely change all the teeth by redesigning them to improve your bite or your smile
      • Aesthetic Porcelain Crowns and Bridges
      • Tooth Colored Restorations-Is part of the choices that we have to improve or repair any broken teeth
      • Composite Bonding-Allows the patient to have a mock-up or simulation of the new smile before he or she commits to full veneers
      • Dental Implants-provide an alternative to closing the spaces between the teeth and allowing to enhance our appearance.
      • Orthodontics-Provides an opportunity to straighten out the teeth and make necessary corrections to the bite
      • Invisalign® Tooth Straightening
      • Laser Cosmetic Gum Recontouring
      • Bone and Periodontal Plastic Surgery

      Post By Dr. Gary Turnier at

      5419 Little Acre Road Florida 32437






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